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LED light therapy Machine

LED light therapy Machine


introducing the Okyna 7 Color LED Light Facial Mask Machine – your all-in-one solution for radiant and healthy skin. With seven therapeutic colors to target various skin concerns, such as redness, scars, and oily skin, this easy-to-use device offers professional-grade LED light therapy in the comfort of your home. With three automatic photodynamic cycle modes and adjustable intensity settings, you can create a personalized skincare plan for improved blood circulation, skin repair, and overall skin health. Say hello to a wonderful life with the Okyna LED light therapy device, saving time and money while achieving flawless skin.


  • [7 Color LED Light Facial Mask Machine for All Types of Skin] Different color is suitable for different skin problems. Okyna LED light therapy device can help you control oil, improve skin redness and so on. Help you get a healthy and wonderful life!
  • [7-IN-1 COLOR LED MASK] Features seven different color light sources, each color light has different therapeutic effects: Red Light – Promotes blood circulation. Green Light – Lightens scars. Yellow Light – Improves skin redness. Blue Light – Calms Allergic skin. Orange light – Promote metabolism. Purple light – Whitening and brightening. CA2+(White light) – Improve fine lines and loose skin.
  • [Easy to Install and Use] Our LED light therapy face machine is detachable and easy to carry. It is easy to assemble and use. We suggest you use it 2-3 times a week, 10-20 minutes each time. (Insist on long-term use for better results)
  • [3 Automatic Photodynamic Cycle Modes] This LED light therapy device features three cycle color modes. You can choose your exclusive skin care plan. Alternating green and blue light are suitable for people with fine lines and loose skin. Alternating red and green light is suitable for people with slow skin metabolism. Alternating red and blue light is suitable for deep repairing skin. You can also adjust the brightness intensity and set the time you want.
  • [Do SPA at Home, Save Time and Money] This LED light therapy device features a multi-functional touch screen system. You can use it on your face, neck, hands, and legs. You will regain healthy and beautiful skin anywhere, saving numerous money and time.


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